About us

MansWe are a group of professionals with a wide experience in the fields of abandonment, fostering and adoption and have collaborated, at different times and from different levels of intervention, with all Catalan public administrations as well as some out of Catalonia. In spite of this, the Acsent group is autonomous and independent. We decided to create a common space for reflection, assistance and research on these issues. The focus is on the experiences of neglect/abandonment and its consequences. These experiences should be taken into consideration in order to encourage any action that is organized to provide shelter and help, in a profound sense, to each and every child or adolescent in particular.

At Acsent we are concerned, and take interest in, giving support during these processes. For us “to support” means to feel with the other, to put ourselves in their place in order to understand their inner world. All adults who look after these children and adolescents must be able to do it with their own feelings “wrapped” in scientific knowledge and technical resources. We believe that the work of a professional, who only takes into account knowledge and technique with no feelings involved, will be insufficient.

“Accompanying in the feelings” (as we like to call it) is the working method that we use to meet those needs of protection and support. This method is intended for application in residential homes or fostering centers, and in foster and adoption families, both from the beginning and in the course of the following years.

It is a method that we are also applying in interventions with non adoptive families, as well as in institutions and infant and family services.
Acsent is also a meeting place for us to research and reflect on these issues of such a large social reach.
We provide training through workshops, supervisions and seminars.